[LONDON, 10 April 2019, 10:00 BST]  

We are honoured to announce that Takeshi Doi has joined AkinovA’s Advisory Board. Takeshi is Chief of Cyber Risk Section at MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting. As an industry leader in the world of cyber risk transfer, his experience combines (re)insurance value-chain expertise, detailed cyber risk knowledge, as well as research experience. 

Takeshi is also the Deputy General Manager of MS&AD Group’s Innovation Section, a researcher for the SFC Research Institute at Keio University and a researcher for the Center for the Research and Collaboration at Tokyo Denki University. Prior to his current role, Takeshi worked with the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan and for the International Foundation for Information Technology. 

Takeshi’s focus will be to assist AkinovA in establishing our position as the leading platform to transfer and trade insurance-related cyber risks. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of Cyber risks and the (re)insurance market, Takeshi will assist AkinovA in providing the (re)insurance market with a dynamic marketplace that can address the significant un-met demand from cyber risk cedents. 

Takeshi commented that “MS&AD demonstrates its continued commitment to promote sustainable industry growth through innovative partnerships.  We see the development of independent marketplaces across industries as strong growth catalysts. That is why we are pleased to assist AkinovA on its journey to provide more opportunities for clients to innovate across the (re)insurance industry.  More specifically, we think that their ultimate goal of dynamically matching risk with the right capital is much needed to unlock meaningful capacity to underwrite cyber risks at scale globally: cyber risks are dynamic by their very nature, it’s natural to transfer those risks through a digitally native platform.” 

The composition of the AkinovA Advisory Board has been carefully constructed to provide AkinovA with unparalleled insights, guidance and access to different parts of the (re)insurance and capital markets. As an independent marketplace, AkinovA’s ability to access this specialist knowledge and expertise is enabling us to deliver a marketplace that provides real value to every market participant. 

Takeshi joins the Advisory Board alongside (re)insurance and capital market industry luminaries Paul Jardine (formerly XL Catlin’s Chief Experience Officer), Daljitt Barn (Global Head of Cyber Risk, Tokio Marine Group),  Jonny Creagh-Coen (Fidelis’ head of strategic relations), Thomas C Heise (Co-founder of the Bermuda Commodities Exchange and Clearing House), Charles N. Bralver (Co-founder of consulting firm Oliver Wyman), Pierre Francotte (former CEO of securities clearing house Euroclear), Susan Estes (founder, President & CEO of OpenDoor Trading, LLC bond trading platform) and Erik Jansen (Co-founder of Pequot Ventures).

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