LONDON – 12 August 2020 – Dennis is a 50 year veteran of the insurance/ reinsurance industry. He has enjoyed various senior roles at Aon including Chairman of Aon Global, RFIB and at Ironshore as an independent director. During his career, Dennis served as Chairman of W.I.N. (World Insurance Network), President of the Insurance Institute of London and Troika for the UK government which was set up in the aftermath of the 9/11 New York terror attack to keep airports operational and airlines flying with a partnership between insurance and airlines, and backstop provided by the government. He also served for many years at ACORD, the insurance industry standards body.  

Dennis Mahoney, commented:“Henri and I share the vision of creating the same deep and liquid market for re/insurance risk as those enjoyed by clients with currency, commodity and interest rate risks. We refer to this as the  4th ‘volatility’ facing commercial buyers and their executives”. Insurance markets have served customers well for hundreds of years, but the risk landscape has changed. Physical assets are no longer the principal exposure faced by the vast majority of businesses today. Indeed, by some measures traditional physical exposures are modest relative to volatile intangible exposures. As with most activities in today’s digital world, the insurance industry has been catapulted into a new age.  

Henri Winand, AkinovA CEO, commented“We have the right proposition at the right time. AkinovA's approach to act a one-stop-shop with integrated chat, document sharing, clearing services, price discovery, market animation analytics and third party actuarial data, news and analytics is truly powerful".  Dennis noted: "I have been convinced of the AkinovA vision since I first met Henri, at the outset of the AkinovA initiative. I am excited and privileged to have been invited to join the considerable bench strength that Henri has assembled".  Dennis will remain a resident of Bermuda. His primary focus will be to assist in the development of the AkinovA ecosystem of re/insurance and broker participants, as well the introduction of new products.