LONDON – 2nd December 2020
In this partnership, AkinovA and Qi intend to work with insurance, data driven brokers and capital markets clients to optimise risk transfer products to mitigate insurance and investment risks which, if left exposed, have the potential to cause catastrophic financial impact. The goal is to enable re/insurers, brokers and investors to identify new ways to protect exposures that were otherwise large blind spots without the ability to extract precise signals.
Qi’s unique ability to ingest and analyse huge data lakes including millions of daily securities, some 25 macro trends including inflation expectations, GDP growth, credit spreads, risk aversion, sovereign stresses utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and analytics is already used by family offices all the way to USD1Tn global asset managers.
Mahmood Noorani, QI’s Founder and CEO said “QI has developed a unique blend of insights from experienced investors and leading academics to create a high-end cloud computing and a proprietary machine learning framework capable of untangling market complexity.  Recent work on climate risks’ connection with a range of securities and other asset classes clearly indicates that our technology is highly applicable to the re/insurance and Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) industry.  This is why we elected to partner with AkinovA who offer a neutral, regulated and digital-first marketplace to transfer and trade re/insurance risks.”
Henri Winand, AkinovA’s Co-founder and CEO said “Our partnership will serve the entire insurance eco-system, including participants from capital markets and corporations.  Armed with Qi’s unique data, analytics and ability to identify portfolios with specific, desired macro characteristics, re/insurers and ILS funds will be able to strengthen the control of significant emerging and often unseen risks, and opportunities, arising from re/insurance and investment-related activities.  To date, those risks and opportunities remained largely unquantified and are often imprecisely hedged.  Beyond climate-related products, we expect the combination of Qi’s insights and AkinovA’s electronic risk transfer marketplace to power a new class of highly dynamic risk transfer products suitable for intangible assets and cyber risks transfers.”
For instance, climate change is an undeniable threat to todays’ society.  However, while the impact is broadly visible and regulators are actively pushing re/insurers, investors and corporates alike to disclose their exposure, handling its precise financial impact is much harder.
With this partnership, on the insurance side, security baskets can be created that closely track climate change data in specific locations including land, sea temperature or wind speed averages. The key is to use data local to the exposure in order to design safety valves in capital markets that hedge against meaningful vulnerabilities, thereby linking insurance with investment activities.
Yet, on the investment side, managers often lack a real time appreciation of how macro forces impact their portfolio’s assets.  This means they can unwittingly ‘long’ or ‘short’ macro factors such as corporate credit risk, FX moves, index volatility, central bank QE policies, inflation growth or shifts in real time GDP. Qi’s dimensionality reduction and signal extraction allows investors to understand and isolate each of these underlying driver sensitivities which can dominate the value of a portfolio in dynamic ways.

– Quant Insight Limited (Qi), a macro data and analytics firm, and AkinovA Limited (AkinovA), an electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of insurance risk, today, announce a partnership to enable the construction of new and more precise risk transfer products on AkinovA with an unrivalled understanding of how a range of macro-economic risks such as climate change impact those transactions.  

About AkinovA  

AkinovA is an independent electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of re/insurance risk which is regulated in Bermuda. The marketplace is a regulated electronic environment where insurance and reinsurance risks can access new sources of capacity as well as increase the efficiency of transferring and trading re/insurance risks in the primary and secondary markets. AkinovA also offers re/insurance service providers an additional channel to share their models, data and expertise with market participants. AkinovA is working with the existing re/insurance value chain to grow the overall market.

AkinovA operates with the regulatory oversight from the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), under AkinovA’s Insurance Regulatory Sandbox licence.

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About Quant Insight
Quant Insight is a macro data analytics firm that provides quantitative analysis and actionable investment ideas to hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds and wealth managers. Our investment expertise, combined with high-quality data,  proprietary algorithms and AI driven machine learning models helps investors make sense of complex trading environments and make better investment decisions.

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Designed to help active managers evaluate and validate investment decisions, Quant Insight analyses data sets for over 6,000 thousand securities across all major asset classes to uncover the macro factors driving the price of the assets traded and identify regime changes before the market narrative shifts.  Using the QI analytics tools, portfolio managers are now able to identify actionable signals that enhance risk management, portfolio construction and asset selection processes for greater sustainable risk adjusted returns.